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The Basics of CPT Conversions with Modifiers

In the world of physician compensation in the United States, a value-based system is the most common way that physicians are paid. But with health systems as diverse as they are, the formulas for calculating the value of a given procedure or service provided can be quite complex. Medical professionals are faced with the task ... Read More

What a Physician Should Do If They Just Started a Job and Got Another Offer

It is common practice for physicians, regardless of their specialty, to sign a physician employment contract. Hospitals, healthcare groups, and private practices alike put contracts in place to protect both the employer and the physician. In many cases, signing a physician employment contract is a cause for celebration and congratulations. It usually means that you’re ... Read More

Full Guide to Physicians Malpractice Tail Coverage

Every doctor knows that malpractice insurance is essential to protect their career. However, few fully understand why malpractice tail coverage is so important. Even if you plan on staying at your current position until you retire, you cannot fully control every factor that would make that a reality. Things can happen that you don’t expect. ... Read More

What Is Sullivan Cotter? What Physicians Need to Know

The market for physicians is an ever-fluctuating scale. Healthcare organizations want to keep costs low while maintaining physician productivity and fair compensation. To find benchmark numbers that ensure a successful healthcare business requires a lot of data. The need for this data was met by the development of independent consulting firms that took the initiative ... Read More

Understanding Your Resident Doctor Employment Agreement

While physicians work in all sorts of different facilities and specialties, there’s one thing that all physician jobs have in common: they always require contracts. Unlike other professionals in other industries, physicians work under strict guidelines, and contracts are in place to protect doctors as well as the hospitals or healthcare groups they work for. As ... Read More

Q&A with a J-1 Waiver Physician

It’s no small task to navigate the U.S. immigration and visa process while simultaneously finishing your medical training. To hear first-hand insights about the J-1 waiver process, we spoke with a physician who has recently finished the job search process and signed an employment contract to qualify for a J-1 waiver. Here are some highlights ... Read More