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Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 025- Entering The Partnership Track

Entering the partnership track is no joke. There is a lot that you need to know about your employer or future employer that maybe you don’t see day-to-day. Justin Nabity is in The Doctor’s Life Podcast studios to guide you through entering the partnership track. All episodes of The Doctor’s Life Podcast are available here, iTunes, Android, and ... Read More

Know Your Malpractice Insurance Options

Max Schloemann of Diederich Healthcare has put together a great piece on your malpractice insurance options. Whether it’s a change in employment, a move to a new state, or the sale of your practice, almost every doctor will someday need to evaluate malpractice insurance options.  When these times are upon you, you may feel overwhelmed ... Read More

Physician Contracts: Independent Contractor or Employee?

Download The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 014- Employee or Independent Contractor HERE Pros and cons for physicians looking at different employment designation options As you evaluate different physician contracts, you may come across opportunities to work as an independent contractor rather than an employee. Learn more here about employment designations and some potential issues physicians ... Read More

Physician Contract Review FAQ’s Part 2

What should I expect regarding partnership eligibility and benefit repayment? Our team of attorneys and advisors assist hundreds of physicians each year with employment and partnership contract reviews.  Of course, in the process, they get many questions.  This is another installment of answers to questions frequently asked in physician contract reviews, specifically around partnership eligibility ... Read More

Knowing how hard to negotiate in physician employment contracts

The Benefits of Professional Contract Review During their medical training, physicians are taught about medicine.  They are not taught how to analyze an employment contract, nor how to evaluate the reasonableness of a given compensation and benefits package.  That is why we encourage physicians to consult with a lawyer and compensation advisor on these matters ... Read More