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The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 018- Choosing a Financial Advisor

Friends and colleagues have probably told you before to make sure you get a financial advisor. But how do you choose one? There are questions you need to ask your financial advisor candidate while you are developing a relationship. This financial advisor will be with you for the duration of your career and beyond, so ... Read More

The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 013- Young Physicians Report

So many physicians question where they are at in their career and personal life. After moving out of training, physicians are 10+ years behind their peers in joining the work force. Right after training, physicians may work shoulder to shoulder with other physicians making 5x the money that they are. Many times, this leads to ... Read More

The Big Economic Mystery of 2015

If the economy is healthy, why are retail sales so poor? Provided by Justin Nabity Retail sales have been flat or negative for four out of the past five months. Even though households are saving an average of $50 a month on gasoline compared to a year ago, that savings has not inspired consumers to increase ... Read More

Physician Contracts: Independent Contractor or Employee?

Download The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 014- Employee or Independent Contractor HERE Pros and cons for physicians looking at different employment designation options As you evaluate different physician contracts, you may come across opportunities to work as an independent contractor rather than an employee. Learn more here about employment designations and some potential issues physicians ... Read More

15 Interviewing Tips for Physicians

When you walk into a first interview, what do you need to be thinking? How should you dress? What should you ask? How should you relate to the interviewer? These are all critical questions you should answer to present yourself in a way that will impress and build rapport with a potential employer. They are ... Read More