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Physicians Top 10 Places to Live and Work

  Where are the best places for physicians to live and work in the United States? The answer, as you probably suspect, is highly subjective. After all, everyone appreciates different things —some may want warmer climates while others live for the snow. Some require an urban setting while others are only content with a rural ... Read More

It’s Tax Season: How Will the Big Changes Affect Physicians?

April 17th is right around the corner, and everyone is talking about the new tax laws. Here are the key takeaways to help you understand the changes and maximize your return as a practicing physician. Small businesses are getting bigger breaks with the business income left after you pay yourself a salary. Affecting self-employed physicians, ... Read More

Retirement In Sight for June 2016

R E T I R E M E N T  I N  S I G H T Presented by Nick Schneider   MONTHLY NEWS AND INFORMATION FOR CURRENT AND FUTURE RETIREES   JUNE 2016     “One act of real usefulness is worth all the abstract sentiment in the world.” – Anne Radcliffe      GOLF ... Read More

The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 026- The Correct Way to Withdraw Your Retirement Funds

Do you know there is actually a correct way to withdraw your retirement funds? You’ve been throwing money in so many investment vehicles over the years. Now that you’re ready to capitalize on that money, make sure you withdraw your retirement funds the correct way. Nick Schneider is back in The Doctor’s Life Podcast studios to ... Read More

Volatility Is Not Risk

Volatility Is Not Risk The two should not be confused.  Provided by Amber Nabity Stitt What is risk? To the conservative investor, risk is a negative. To the opportunistic investor, risk is a factor to tolerate and accept. Whatever the perception of risk, it should not be confused with volatility. That confusion occurs much too ... Read More

Medscape’s 2016 Physician Lifestyle Report is Out

Medscape’s 2016 Physician Lifestyle Report has been released…and the results are interesting. You can break it down per specialty, but the results are conclusive: doctors are suffering from burnout. This affects every aspect of a doctor’s life in the workplace and at home, and, according to the report, also affects their own patients. Just think about ... Read More

The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 018- Choosing a Financial Advisor

Friends and colleagues have probably told you before to make sure you get a financial advisor. But how do you choose one? There are questions you need to ask your financial advisor candidate while you are developing a relationship. This financial advisor will be with you for the duration of your career and beyond, so ... Read More

Know Your Malpractice Insurance Options

Max Schloemann of Diederich Healthcare has put together a great piece on your malpractice insurance options. Whether it’s a change in employment, a move to a new state, or the sale of your practice, almost every doctor will someday need to evaluate malpractice insurance options.  When these times are upon you, you may feel overwhelmed ... Read More