Understanding Your Resident Doctor Employment Agreement

While physicians work in all sorts of different facilities and specialties, there’s one thing that all physician jobs have in common: they always require contracts. Unlike other professionals in other industries, physicians work under strict guidelines, and contracts are in place to protect doctors as well as the hospitals or healthcare groups they work for. As ... Read More

Provider Reviews: Ohio National Disability Insurance

At Physicians Thrive, our main goal is to provide physicians with the advice and guidance they need to have financial strength and security throughout their lives. One of the ways we help physicians enjoy lifelong financial security is by helping them find the right disability insurance policy. Disability insurance is essential protection for a physician’s ... Read More

What Doctors Need to Know About Social Security Benefits and Disability Insurance

It’s important to assess your insurance needs to ensure you aren’t left financially strapped should a catastrophe happen. Even if your employer provides disability insurance, is it enough to cover your living expenses and health care? How long will it protect you? What about Social Security disability benefits? Will they come to your rescue? These ... Read More

Medical School Loan Repayment

After college, medical school, and residency, you’re finally ready to get to work as a practicing physician. You should be excited that you’ve reached the point in life where you can actually begin your career. But many physicians don’t feel that excitement because they’re faced with the heavy burden of paying back student loans. Unfortunately, ... Read More

Everything That Physicians Need to Know About Cover Letters 

Every professional knows that a cover letter goes hand-in-hand with a CV. But, while cover letters tend to be standard across most industries, physician cover letters are a bit different. If you’ve spent time perfecting your CV so you can apply for a new position, now it’s time to get to work on that cover ... Read More

How to Become a Medical Director

Are you looking for an opportunity to work in a non-clinical job? Would you be interested in a challenging new position that will give you more authority in your field? If you’re a physician that’s ready to take on a leadership role, you may want to consider becoming a medical director. Following is an in-depth ... Read More