How to Get a Higher Internal Medicine Salary

Internal medicine physicians may be considered the generalists of medicine, but they are anything but. Also known as internists, they have a broad range of knowledge and specialties. Their extensive medical knowledge often makes them sought out by their peers for answers to puzzling healthcare problems. David Gremillion, MD, FACP, a Special Advisor to the ... Read More

Is Your Radiation Oncology Salary at Fair Market Value?

With four years in medical school, four years in residency, and one year of postgraduate training, radiation oncologists have some of the longest training programs of all medical specialists. So by the time you’re board-certified and eligible to practice, you’re eager to start earning a competitive salary. But what exactly should that salary be? How ... Read More

Steps to Get Licensed with the North Carolina Medical Board

You’ve dedicated your entire life to the practice of medicine. There were countless exams, exhausting training schedules, and times the process seemed endless. Now there’s only one thing standing between you and being a physician: Getting licensed. North Carolina makes getting your medical license simple. They provide clearly laid-out checklists and an easy-to-use online portal. ... Read More

Steps to Get Licensed with the Oregon Medical Board

Based on everything you’ve poured into your medical education and training thus far, you’re likely expecting a few more hurdles to clear. Your last hurdle is no less significant than the rest: The application process to get your medical license. If you’re looking to earn your license to practice in Oregon, you’ve got a long ... Read More

What Physicians Need to Know About CPT Codes

Whether you work as an employee of a large hospital group or own a private practice, CPT codes play an essential role in all physicians’ lives. Regardless of your specialty and the type of patient care you deliver, it’s crucial you understand all about those five-digit codes. As a physician, CPT codes may not be ... Read More