Investment Market Update Growth in Focus August 4, 2020 Stocks rose this week even as new U.S. Covid-19 infections continue to hover near all time highs. New economic data mostly beat expectations this week, but still revealed that a long road ahead likely remains to recover lost growth. Unemployment claims remain elevated, but came in ... Read More
6 Current Events That Are Shaping How You Invest Your Money Specially written for by: Reina Jewel A few months ago, we posted about concerning market trends and news. The market was showing signs of decline, and many people were selling assets in something of a panic. And even then it wasn’t entirely clear ... Read More

Dr. Fatima Diab and Michele Nasti

Even before she first moved from Sierra Leone to the United States at the age of thirteen, Fatima Diab dreamt of becoming a doctor and taking care of children. Today, she is an in-patient pediatrician at a community hospital in Richmond, and her husband Michele Nasti is a restaurant consultant who also runs an online ... Read More

The Market Rollercoaster Continues

Markets jumped this week as the novel coronavirus Covid-19 continued its spread, as shutdowns and quarantines remained in place around most of the globe. Equities have been on a wild trajectory with large price swings as investors still seem unable to determine a steady value for stocks. Sectors diverged widely from each other for the ... Read More

Markets Gain On Stimulus Hopes

Markets rose dramatically this week even as the novel coronavirus Covid-19 continued its spread, in spite of shutdowns and quarantines around the globe. Equities responded favorably to the passing of a $2.2 trillion federal stimulus package, conveying optimism that negative effects of the rising economic damages would be short-lived for the economy. In stark contrast ... Read More

The cure versus the disease

Markets fell dramatically this week as the novel coronavirus Covid-19 continued its spread, prompting shutdowns and quarantines around the globe. The oil dispute between Saudi Arabia and Russia has continued, as both countries have vowed to flood the oil market with cheap inventory until the opposing party agrees to terms. Saudi Arabia has declared its ... Read More