Disability Insurance With an Exam…or Without?

  Is it better to get disability insurance with OR without a medical exam? This topic comes up all of the time when doctors are considering the question of, what is the best way to get disability insurance. Does it really matter? Does it affect the cost? How about what is included in the plan? ... Read More

The Doctor’s Life Podcast Episode 037- Do You Need Disability Insurance?

So do you need disability insurance? As many doctors move from in-training to practicing right now, there is a (very!) significant jump in salary. You’ve heard all about disability insurance. You’ve probably wondered ‘Do you need disability insurance?’. Dave Swan is back on The Doctor’s Life Podcast to tell you what you need to know about disability ... Read More

Why Do You Need a Financial Planner?

So, do you actually need a financial planner? We all have things we want to accomplish in life. If you’re like most, you’ve spent some time thinking about these things. Initially, it’s as simple as deciding on what area of medicine you want to practice. Beyond that, it usually consists of putting together a more ... Read More

Advancing Toward Your Career Goals

  Should you change jobs in pursuit of them? Or position yourself in a new way at work?  Provided by Nick Schneider Is your career unfolding as it should? If not, maybe it is time for a change; either a change of jobs, or a change in your role at your workplace. Pay attention to the ... Read More

Should You Change Jobs or Stay the Course?

  Does sticking with the same firm actually hurt your financial potential? Provided by Nick Schneider If you spend two years or less at a series of jobs, is that a problem? Shouldn’t your resume signal loyalty instead of transience? Well, maybe it isn’t a problem. Maybe you are doing yourself a financial favor instead, especially ... Read More