What’s The Deal With Taxes?

  Feel like you’re paying too much for taxes? You are not alone. “No new taxes!”. Those were the words of George Bush Sr. when he was running for president in 1988. Similar messages are communicated and thought of not only during election years, but this sentiment resonates in the minds of most who are ... Read More

Should You Pay Off Your Debt First?

  Is there a better option than to pay your debt first? Ever since we started teaching at medical centers and universities we have received all kinds of questions pertaining to the dilemma of carrying so much medical student loan debt. With the average doctor coming out of medical school with a hundred or more ... Read More

Do Contract Reviews Work?

Contract reviews can be expensive. Do contract reviews work? Anticipation is defined as a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen or the act of preparing for something. On average, physicians spend at least 10 years in training and preparing to step into their career. When that day finally comes you’re presented ... Read More

Mid-Year Tax Changes That Will Help You

Making mid-year tax changes can completely change your outlook for the year Mid-year tax changes are a great way to make sure you’re even with the government come tax season. Remember, if you get a large refund, you’ve given the government an interest-free loan straight from your pocket! One of the easiest ways to reduce ... Read More