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The Intersection Of Information Theory, Networks, And Investing

Last updated: 02/20/2019

In this post, I’m going to oversimplify decades of academic research to make a more colloquial point. I’ll also ad-lib a bit, so even though these thoughts below are not mine,...

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Bitcoin and digital assets are here to stay, says NYSE chairman, despite bear market

Last updated: 02/18/2019

Bitcoin got the backing of a critical figurehead on Wall Street this week. Jeff Sprecher, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and CEO of its parent company,...

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$5 Trillion Investor Coalition to Pressure Gun Companies on Safety Measures

Last updated: 02/17/2019

Thirteen institutional investors, including CalSTRS and Florida SBA, have signed on to five principles for a “responsible civilian firearms industry.” A group of institutional...

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How an $8 billion Silicon Valley startup has shared talent with one of its most prominent investors

Last updated: 02/15/2019

The news last week that Mike Lempres, one of Coinbase’s higher-ranking executives, was departing the company for a job at Andreessen Horowitz was only the latest bond between...

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Statement on Digital Asset Securities Issuance and Trading

Last updated: 02/11/2019

Statement on Digital Asset Securities Issuance and Trading Division of Corporation Finance, Division of Investment Management, and Division of Trading and Markets Nov. 16,...

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People who use mobile fintech apps tend to make worse financial decisions

Last updated: 02/06/2019

One of the wonders of the modern life is all of the whizzy technology available to help us manage our money. But does it mean we make better financial decisions? Maybe not. A...

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JPMorgan is investing $30 million in Greater Paris over the next 5 years as the first investment of an ambitious $500 million worldwide plan

Last updated: 02/04/2019

JPMorgan Chase announced Monday that starting January it will begin a five-year, $30 million dollar investment in Seine-Saint-Denis, a region of France to the northeast of...

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Apple Removes Crypto Podcast Reportedly Ranked #4 in ‘Investing’ From US iTunes Store

Last updated: 02/04/2019

The podcast hosted by Morgan Creek Digital partner and crypto analyst Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano, “Off the Chain,” has apparently been removed from the U.S. iTunes store Nov....

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Resmed investors should not fall asleep with their investments

Last updated: 02/03/2019

"They are sensational." That is what TheStreet's Jim Cramer thought of ResMed (RMD) during the "Lightning Round" on Friday night's "Mad Money" program. We have had the weekend...

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Higher Rates Are Crushing Investors

Last updated: 01/31/2019

There is an old saying that proclaims, “it’s not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean.” Since this is a family-friendly publication, we will leave it at that....

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